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On this Page You will find all The information on the Subject Of Christian Egermann Seminars. It is an essential Part of my Private Website.

I gave my first Seminar in Chile in 2013 (Topic of Intelligence and Learning). Since then, I have been fascinated by this Communication Medium. At first I ran it for some Time as a Hobby. But finally I have to make it my Profession to give Seminars and Workshops. In addition to the hypnosis sessions, this is my second Mainstay.

Seminar Topics

Start-Up Seminars

Also Liked To mention Seminars on the Start-up of The company. They represent the largest Part of my Seminars. In doing so, we deal with the legal Basis, the business Framework and create a marketing system together. We Are Also working on Your entrepreneur mind set. This is because of Seminars aimed at students who still want to start their studies, Unemployed people with a Start-up grant or Young Entrepreneurs who are still looking for an extra Boost.

Rhetoric Seminars

The Classic among Seminars. This is where You learn and train free Speech. Whether For a Lecture in the University, a Presentation in the Company, or for a Career as a professional Speaker. On the one hand, there are novel Perspectives on free Speech: For Example, from the Negotiating Technique and non-violent Communication. Focus is practice and Self-feedback. For some, it may be old Hat in Times of the Smartphone, but I still swear by the tried and tested Video Recordings with subsequent Analysis on the Screen. Finally, I incorporate Into the Rhetoric seminars as Hypnosis coaches and do a profound Exercise in Overcoming Stage Fright.

Workshops on The acquisition of Young Talent

Then there are the Workshops on Attracting Young Talent. Every Organisation and association should occasionally ask itself how a Junior Work should be organised. For some is already a Question Of survival, others simply want to improve the Quality of Young Talent. Without going into too much Detail here, the Solution, in my Opinion, Is to build a System. So systematically attract Offspring and not with the Help of Chance. I develop This System with my Customers as Part of these Workshops.

Introduction to Hypnosis We have a special Knowledge in one Field should pass it on. My Specialty is Hypnosis, which runs like a common Thread through all Seminars. This Seminar is an Introduction. Still, each Participant is hypnotized or hypnotized themselves for two Days. And this for two whole Days. After that, you have a healthy Basis for using Hypnosis in Everyday life. This is well suited for Dentists coaches, Seminar Leaders, Teachers or other Interested Parties.

You can Get a first Glimpse of this Topic as Part of my free hypnoses, which occasionally take place in Augsburg.

Seminars on mental Exam Preparation

This Seminar is still in the Development Phase. It’s the biggest Challenge for me. But also the most beautiful. This is precisely the Area in which the greatest Development Potential Sees. Mental Exam Preparation is a wide Range of Applications. Above all, it is important to Instill the Fear of the Examines. The Seminar Also deals with Learning Strategies Motivation and the Elimination of Learning Blockages. Each in itself would be a separate Seminar topic.

About Christian Egermann Seminars


I welcome any Contact regarding cooperation in Seminary. This may be, on the one Hand, a commitment as a Speaker or a joint Organisation of a Seminar.

Seminars in German and Spanish

All Seminars can also be held on Request in English or Spanish. Please see my English-language and my Spanish Page.

Christian Egermann Seminars Contact

Inquiries about Christian Egermann Seminars please use WhatsApp to the + 49 1515 3989 850 I am In Hypnosis sessions or Seminars during The day and Do not answer Phone calls. Thank you for Your Understanding.

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