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Welcome to the Christian Egermann Online course page Of my Personal website.

A few Years ago I worked on the Topic of Christian Egermann Online Course for a long time. In doing so, I uploaded some Courses to different Platforms. As I am currently pursuing a Project, I am not currently developing any new Courses. However, the existing Courses are still bookable.

NLP from Beginner to Practitioner

My First Course is an Introduction to NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). An Area I’ve been dealing with for 15 Years. I practice NLP regularly today as Part of my Hypnoses. The Course is in German and now has more than 600 Participants. The Course is distributed via the Udemy Platform, among other things. For my Website Visitors, there is a very large discount via This link. I plan to expand the Course further in the Future.

On the Subject OF NLP there are various Videos on my Youtube channel “NLP learn .”

Value Investing

On the same Platform there is a further English-language Christian Egermann Online course: Value Investing Training. In this Course on, I declare the most successful Investment Strategy of all Time. How it is also used by the Richest Investor of all Time, Warren Buffett. Under this Link, there is a generous Discount. The Course has 1000 Students so far.

I also recommend my English Youtube channel with Some free videos on The same topic.

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