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Welcome to Christian Egermann Hypnosis, the fun section of my website.

Welcome to Christian Egermann Hypnosis. This Page is an integral Part of the page,My private website.


Free Hypnosis

At irregular Intervals, I organize an Events in which You have the Opportunity to get to know a Hypnosis for Free. I lead the Course in a short Relaxation Hypnosis (Without therapeutic Intervention) in which you can have Your hypnosis experience. I also explain how Hypnosis works and what Applications are available. Simply Log in with the Keyword Free Hypnosis via WhatsApp at: + 49 1515 3989 850.

What is Hypnosis?

Generally speaking, Hypnosis is a Condition in which attention has turned inward.

For me, Hypnosis is a State with Access to a large Resource to bring about personal Change. How is this going on? Hypnosis is the Possibility of Consciousness to communicate directly with the Subconscious. The Subconscious is interesting from the following Points of view: On the one hand, the unconscious Problems are stored there. In Particular, old Behavioural patterns that counteract a desired Result. However, there is also an inexhaustible Wisdom in the Subconscious. In the Vast Majority of cases, the subconscious Knows how to solve the problems at hand.

For more Information, I highly recommend the Article on Hypnosis On Wikipedia.

Hypnosis Coaching

What are my Goals with hypnosis coaching? I am not a Doctor, so I cannot and do not want to perform any therapeutic Procedures. I am not treating diseases at all. My Approach is aimed in the opposite Direction: It’s about achieving Goals. My Job is to help You coach with The Help of Hypnosis in achieving Your Goals. That’S why I’m talking about Hypnosis coaching. The Choice of Destination is yours. If it is achievable, then with Hypnosis.

My Method: The NLP Hypnosis

The most important Toolbox used by Coaches and Therapists is NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). These are different Working strategies, which have been constructed (modelled) in the Image of very successful Coaches, Therapists and Psychologists. NLP offers very effective Ways of Working on Change. Read more about NLP on Wikipedia.

My own Approach is to combine Neurolinguistic Programming with Hypnosis. In other Words, putting my Clients in a Resource-efficient State through Hypnosis and then, NLP-BASED, running applications. So you can directly coach the Subconscious. That’s why I take the Method NLP Hypnosis.

Note the following Difference: Most Hypnotists work exclusively with Suggestions. In doing so, the Client is persuaded (suggested) to achieve a Goal. For example, In the case of a person with an Exam scare: “You feel safe when You are in Your Exam,” etc. This is a useful Tool, but usually one does not get to The Bottom of the core Problem: Why does the Client Have an examination anxiety?

This is why I differ from other Hypnotists. That’S why my Fee is higher than that of most Colleagues.


The Method described above is Used in a number of Areas. In Principle, it is helpful in achieving any goals. My Specialization is based on the Method I have developed, which is not limited to one Scope, but helps with any Form of Goal achievement.

I am particularly often using Hypnosis in the following Areas:

  • Business hypnosis coaching
  • Mental Exam Preparation
  • Handicap Hypnosis for Golfers
  • Deep Relaxation-Stress Management
  • General Goal Achievement

About Christian Egermann Hypnosis


What is the Process of Hypnosis Treatment? As a rule, a Hypnosis coaching involves 3-5 Session.

In the first Session there Is an extensive Medical History. First, as Part of a Client Discussion. Then in a hypnotic problem analysis or Target Work. After that, we can set the projected Total number of Meetings.

In the second and perhaps the following Session, the actual Intervention takes place. This is a strategy created individually for You on the Basis of medical History. This is where the method NLP Hypnosis mentioned above Is Used.

In a Final Session, the Changes are recapitulated and anchored in Your Subconscious. I’Ll also give You supportive Suggestions along the Way. In the Final Session, a Deep Relaxation is usually integrated.


As mentioned above, a hypnosis session is relatively expensive for me. In Santiago the Chile I was certainly one of the most expensive Hypnotists.

However, the following Situation is currently emerging: I am still Looking for the perfect Premises for my Practice And, meanwhile, I am housed in a Transitional Solution. As long as this Situation is in place, I will give very generous discounts. This allows me to accommodate my Clients.

Contact Christian Egermann Hypnosis

For more Information, please refer to my Hypnosis website

You can contact me by email christian (at) hypnose-augsburg (point) net.

Or via WhatsApp + 49 1515 3989 850.

I am not easily reachable by phone because I am either in a Session with a Client or I am giving a Seminar. In these Cases, of course, I don’t go to the Phone.

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