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Christian Egermann: Private Website

Welcome to Christian Egermann’s private Website, which is online in the fourth Version. This is my private Website. At the same time, this Page includes a blog. However, it is not my Concern to publish great Articles, but the Blog is a Means for me to stay in Touch with Friends, Acquaintances and Business Partners. There is also an English and a Spanish version of this site, but They Are Currently in hibernation, as My private and business Activities are concentrated in Germany.

About me:

Christian Egermann on Cerro St. Cristobal.

Short Vita

I was Born in the Rhineland in 1976 and landed in Augsburg after a few Stations.

After Study I briefly spent time as a lawyer and then as a Lawyer and then Exam AssistationWith You HeutGearbeitetMy last StationWar at The Thiele Chamber Of Commerce

In the meantime, I have lived in France, Spain, Switzerland and most recently in Chile, and have recently returned to Augsburg. This is also where I founded my Hypnosis practice .

After Studying law with a Degree in 2nd State Exams and LL.M. In Commercial Law, I worked as a Lawyer in Corporate Law. Then we went to Düsseldorf to the Accounting Firm Deloitte as An Audit Assistant. My third Stop as a Clerk was at the Chamber of Commerce in Santiago, Chile.

Over the Course of this Time and between the Phases as an Employee, I have founded several companies. Sometimes with more times with less Success. I pass on my Experiences of this in my Start-Up Workshops.

What am I working On Currently?

For one Thing, I am co-founder of the Start-up “nudging .” An App that allows you to condition yourself for environmentally friendly Behavior. That’s where I’m in charge of Marketing. We are still in the Development Phase.

I earn my Money primarily from Giving Seminars in different Areas. So, as I said, I give Seminars on Starting a business. There are Also rhetoric Seminars, workshops on Young Talent acquisition and Mental Exam Preparation Seminars. Finally, I offer an Introduction to Hypnosis. Requests for the Seminars please contact WhatsApp + 49 1515 3989 850.

I Dedicate the rest of my Time to hypnosis, my Passion. I specialised in hypnosis coaching here. That is, I use Hypnosis to get to a Destination. (Not to cure Diseases). Appointments are available via WhatsApp under the + 49 1515 3989 850.

I Used to develop some online courses on NLP and Value investing. You can also Findthem On this website.

Who I Contact Search For:

Who I Contact Search For:

On the one hand, I am Interested in the joint Organisation of Seminars. Perhaps You have a Customer Base who might be Interested in one of the Seminary Topics mentioned above? Then we could work together. But I am also happy about Your Ideas. I am also grateful for any Recommendation as a Speaker.

I am also pleased to have Collaborations on Hypnosis. Especially if You have a Website, we can certainly help each other. I have a Referral Area on the Hypnosis Page where I like to point out acquaintances.

What do you do when you’re looking for an old Friend? You look at the Internet. Maybe some of You got lost here. Then I am happy to Get In touch.

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